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            Cleansing Lotion ingredients

    Moisture Protecting Cleansing Lotion


    Rich, natural oils of kukui, jojoba and green tea in a luscious, skin-softening lotion dissolve makeup and other impurities in seconds. Leaves skin moist, smooth- ready to maximize the results of your moisturizer.
    Directions: gently massage lotion over dry skin. Wipe away or rinse off with warm water. " Love keeping my moisture protection cleansing lotion in the shower, I leave it on my skin during my shower , works like a mask then I rinse off and Voila, my skin is nourished and feels AMAZING. If you have mean dry skin like mine used to be, I really recommend you using it" Lilly


       Zinc & Sulfer Masque Ingredients

             Zinc & Sulfer Masque

    $35   (Acne & breakouts)

    Fast relief for oily, congested & acne-prone skin. .Zinc blend balances oil, visibly clears imperfections .Great for spot treatments.
    Directions: 1-3 times a week, smooth generous amount of masque over clean, dry skin. Allow to dry completely. Rinse well with cool water.















           Rescue Gel Ingredients

                   Rescue Gel

    $45    (Acne prone skin, mild,                moderate, severe)

    Exfoliates & purifies pores- without irritating side effects. Calms & eases visible redness. Does not contain retinoids, benzoyl peroxide or parabens.
    Directions: Apply small amount of gel over affected pores. May be applied over moisturizer, sunscreen or makeup, but clean skin is best. Repeat as needed.


    Radiance Boost Exfoliating       Freshener  Ingredients

    Radiance Boost Exfoliating       Freshener

    $28   ( All skin type, preferably  for n   for normal to oily skin)

    This AHA/BHA light exfoliating lotion refreshes, revives natural radiance and prepares your skin for moisturizers and other treatments.
    Use twice a day for mild exfoliation or as part of a daily exfoliation program.
    Benefits: Reveals clear, radiant skin. Minimizes pores. Lifts discolorations. smoothes surface texture. sweeps away impurities & oily shine.
    Direction: after cleansing, apply liberally with moist cotton. Apply moisturizer or other treatment while skin is still moist. If following with AHA treatment, allow skin to dry before application , followed by Bellage cosmetics SPF30.


     AHA/BHA cleansing mousse ingredients

           AHA/BHA cleansing mousse

    $28   (Acne-prone skin,                  moderate  to severe)

    AHA/BHA blend penetrates below plugs blocking pores to fight imperfections where they start.
    Pore- purifying essential oil balance pore ecology. Sulfate-free foam dissolves oil on contact. Does not contain benzoyl peroxide or parabens.
    Directions: with moistened fingers, gently massage 1-2 pumps onto skin, avoiding eye area. Add water to lather for 30-60 seconds. Rinse with warm water.


      Instant Firming Eye Gel Ingredients

          Instant Firming Eye Gel

    $42      Instant Firming Eye Gel

    Instantly firm tired-looking eyes, tightens puffiness and calms sensitive skin with this peptide-rich, energizing gel. (one of Rania's favorite products)
    Directions: apply small drop to clean skin above and below eyes. Do not use if allergic to wheat or gluten. Fragrance & Paraben-free.


    Anti-Aging Moisturizing Kit Ingredients

            Anti-Aging Moisturizing Kit

    $95     Anti-Aging Moisturizing Kit 

    Look 5 years younger instantly with this Anti-Aging hydrating kit.
    Step 1- Moisture Protecting Cleansing Lotion: gently massage lotion over dry skin, wipe away or rinse with warm water. It is rich with oils of kukui, jojoba and green tea, dissolves makeup and other impurities in seconds. Step 2- gently smooth moderate amount of CONTINUOUS MOISTURE Creme over skin, apply in circular and upward motions. This luscious light-feeling Creme instantly delivers continuous bursts of moisture between parched skin cells, rehydrating surface lines and crepiness within seconds, provides daily protection from premature aging due to dryness


    Step 3- Hydrate your dry skin in Seconds with this spritz refreshing blend of lavender and rose, natural sugars, hydrating, hydrating panthenol, and biocompatible copper complex. Instantly saturates parched skin by capturing cooling moisture deep within layers- where moisture is needed most. Leaves your skin soft and comfortable, ready to get most out of your moisturizer..

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